assembling patchwork blocks – part 1

Cross stitch has been put to one side for the last 2 days, and I’ve begun tackling the assembly part of my 9 patchwork blocks.  I’ve seen it done, by ladies at the club, so I know roughly what I’m doing lol.  I knew I had to square up my blocks and make sure they were all the same size and I have cut bands 3cm in width (plus extra for seams) in my chosen green marbled fabric.  I did originally think of using a dark bordeaux but I didn’t like the way my bright red fabric looked next to it, so I’ve gone for green, thus picking out the greens in my patterned fabric (well, almost the same green) and plan on using a bright red band on the outside once I’ve got blocks all framed in green.

For the moment I have top three blocks attached together with two short bands and one long  and have started work on the second row.  Red pen marks for guidlines everywhere lol but they’ll disappear when I iron and things line up so far (in photo lines look slightly off because fabric is not lying flat.

I have to say, I was pretty daunted by the thought of assembling, but now that I’ve begun, it’s turning out to be easier than I thought. Very time-consuming, since I’m doing everything by hand . . . but then again, that allows me to check I’m lining up as I go.


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