Kevin has flown to budgie heaven

Anyone who has read my “about me” page, knows that I have a rather large menagerie, including budgies.  I’ve always had birds (started off as a child with a budgie, then had a phase with small finches, and also cockatiels, before moving back to budgies and Rio, our Amazon). Anyway . . . the current budgie family began again in April 2004 when I was heart-broken to see some children selling their budgie at a car-boot sale.  The reason being, their Mum didn’t want it in the house anymore because it made too much noise and too much mess.  There was this gorgeous, friendly budgie, in the tinest cage you have ever seen, and I couldn’t just leave him there, so out came the cash and home came the budgie with me lol.

We named him Kevin. He was ever so tame, and friendly, and although I don’t know exactly how old he was, the children had said he was at least 2 years old.  Here he is in his tiny cage.

It didn’t take me long to buy a larger cage and a female friend for Kevin: Phoebe.  The following summer they produced a clutch of healthy hatchlings . . . we bought another female from a pet shop to join them . . . and pretty soon I needed an even larger cage  . . . and several clutches of Kevin’s grandchildren were hatched too (most of whom were adopted by friends).

The years passed . . . and time took its toll.  Not sure to this day how old he really was, but Kevin had been showing signs of old age & tiredness for several months now. His offspring have all been great: preening him, and basically keeping him company on the bottom of the cage when he was too tired to sit on a perch.  Anyway, today, Keven has flown to budgie heaven.


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