two quick felt finishes

This afternoon I decided it was time to finish off a few small cross stitch projects.  First one I wanted to finish ended in catastrophe . . . I was ironing some backing to make it slightly more rigid, to make it easier for my finish (another little exchange project in the works) BUT I had my iron on too hot . . . and yup, I managed to burn my fabric.  Not a huge mark, but enough to make the fabric go slightly yellow and “rusty” looking in one spot . . . so looks likes I’m going to have to bin that and start all over again.

After that, I decided to just do some some easy finishes . . . so picked up my pinking shears and felt . . . and finished off these two little projects. The penguin is a free chart from Corinne’s blog, and the russian doll is a Lady Kell design. 

Penguin as a Christmas tree decoration, and russian doll as a simple bookmark.  I stitched these two for the Xmas Xstitch Challenge (they were my April and May stitchings) but June sort of whizzed by without me doing anything, so I’ve missed a month.

Not a terribly exciting or innovative way to finish, I’m afraid, but at least they are now finished and not just scraps of aida.


2 thoughts on “two quick felt finishes

    • thanks Paula. Was rather pleased that I found some felt in exactly the same pink as the stitching for the russian doll ^^

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