a little bit of instant gratification and another happy dance

I used to have a really close friend, who sadly passed away a few years ago. She was an avid cross stitcher, like me, but she always went for those “long haul” projects . . . the ones with loads of colour changes, and projects that she could really sink her teeth into, so to speak. I’m usually more of a quick stitch gal myself, and we would often joke about how I went for “instant gratification” in my choice of projects.  I do occasionally go for larger projects (as shown by Joan Elliot’s “Christmas Spirit” that I finished not long ago) but I do admit to loving a quick project every now and then because it helps to boost enthusiasm and keep my mojo bright and shiney lol.

Anyway, today, I have just finished assembling a really quick stitch – only took a couple of hours to make and even though I know it was no mammouth task, I can’t help feeling very pleased with myself.  It’s a little handbag mirror.  A Framecraft kit I bought – which worked out quite pricey when you consider it only took a few hours to stitch BUT even so, I think it will make a lovely present.

I plan on buying some more mirrors (just the mirror and little pouch) and making a few more like this, but not necessarily the same design . . . that way I’ll have some pretty hand-made goodies in my drawers ready for birthdays or Christmas ^^



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