I’m on a roll . . . happy dancing with another finish

I’m on a roll this afternoon and my sewing machine has been whirring away.  A really simple finish for a Nancy Pederson blackwork piece that I altered slightly, adding “Bienvenue” instead of the original text. I stitched this ages ago and originally I just slipped it in a wooden frame for photos, before shoving it in the bottom of a drawer.  Today, however, I have finished it off as a wall-hanging.  I used a deep marbled burgandy fabric and a matching pompom.  Didn’t quite have the right colour ribbon but I thought this “plum” went quite well because it picks out the shades in the Threadworx threads I used.

I need to ask my other half to find me a nice piece of wooden dowling to varnish to hang it properly . . . for the moment I have used a pair of wooden chopsticks lol.  As usual, with my machine stitching, it’s far from perfect, but if you don’t look too closely, it does the job ^^


4 thoughts on “I’m on a roll . . . happy dancing with another finish

  1. This is a much better idea than framing for this piece. I love your colour choices. And the chopstick idea…….I really like that too! I would keep them, maybe try them pointing in opposite directions (but I suspect you’ve already done that and rejected it). Well done Claire 😀

    • chopsticks are actually stuck together – they’re the ones you get in restaurants and have to snap apart, but yes, I might use your idea ^^

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