“Rêverie au jardin” update

I still seem to be playing a game of “cat & mouse” with my stitching mojo . . . I WANT to stitch, but I’m a little bored with the projects I am currently working on and feel that I really need to start a brand new project, full of colour, to give me some incentive. However, I also know myself very well . . . and that if I do jump feet first into a new project, my current WIPs will be shoved in a drawer and not see any progress.  So . . . I am trying to be sensible, and have given myself a good talking to.  Something along the lines of “Now come on Claire, if you can just keep stitching on one of your WIPs and get it out of the way, then think how pleased you’ll be to have a new happy dance . . . and that Bothy Threads kit you’re drooling over can be your reward . . . ” ^^

Anyway, my internal monologues seem to be working (somewhat) . . . as in I’ve been concentrating on only one project: “Rêverie au Jardin” and, as I begin to add the border, I am cheering up a little because it DOES look pretty and I can see the end is near.

Here is photo to show progress.

My only worry now is that I’m not going to have enough of the darker green thread to complete this design exactly as it was intended. When I chose my threads, I went for a rummage in my thread bag and pulled out 5 colours (not necessarily all with colour ref tags and not necessarily all DMC) and now that I’ve come this far, I realise I’m going to run out of dark green before I complete the border.  So . . . I will be stitching the fourth “medallion” next (to make sure that all central colours are identical) and will adapt things with the lighter green for part of the border.




4 thoughts on ““Rêverie au jardin” update

  1. Congratulations on being strong in not starting a new project! I alas, are not strong and I started last nite, TM Aury Sampler for my Mother. What is the color number and brand of the green you are short on and I may have it? Let me know


    • that was the problem Paula, I don’t know either brand Or number lol but . . . have just had another rummage in thread supply and I think I’ve found enough to see me through to the end.

  2. Beautiful stitching Claire. I’m the same as Paula. I can’t talk myself out of new starts. I stitch mainly on HAED’s so just can’t resist new starts. I find that it keeps my stitching mojo in place if I have a bunch of WIP’s to switch between. I love your blog.

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