WIPocalypse June update

I think I missed the full moon, and to be honest, I seem to have missed out on stitching time this month too. Not sure exactly what happened . . . my mojo seems to be missing ^^

I have already posted some of the following photos in previous articles so there’s going to be a certain amount of “déjà vu” . . . my apologies.  But here, grouped together, is what little progress I made since the beginning of May.

“Vert Campagne” – I finished off backstitching geese and pigs, and have begun work on the block which will have nine yellow chicks.

“Rêverie au jardin”, being stitched as a SAL is more than half-way done

An Isabelle Vautier heart – which has been sent to lady who is organising the assembly job for a joint project

and last, but not least, a Lady Kell of Kincavel design which will be finished off as a bookmark (as soon as I can remember where I hid my felt) I seem to have been spending more time on patchwork projects, as I really really (really) want to finish off my 9 blocks to be able to begin assembly of that over the summer hols.  I don’t actually have many xstitch WIPs on the go at the moment and, with lack of time, am tending to concentrate on “Rêverie au jardin” in the hopes of notching up another happy dance before I begin anything new.  So stay tuned for July’s update when, hopefully, there will be some new starts to present ^^


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