“trapunto” happy dance of sorts

I say “happy dance of sorts” because to be honest I’m just RELIEVED to have finished this block and it has not been a happy experience at all ^^  As I wrote in my previous post, stitching the outline of the design itself seemed to take forever (but that was probably because I was procrastinating the entire way) and I found the stuffing part  ever so annoying.  I have actually “cheated” in that I was supposed to also fill out the window detail but I’ve really grown to hate this block so I think I’ll just call it a day and leave my window panes flat.

On a more colourful and cheerful note . . .

I have begun work on my last block (of nine).  Last design is a Log Cabin and I’m really enjoying this one.

It’s slow going, since all stitching is done by hand, BUT I’m adding a band here and there when I have some free time and hope to finish by the weekend.  Next stage will be to decide on my fabric so that I can begin assembling my blocks . . . am getting quite excited ^^


4 thoughts on ““trapunto” happy dance of sorts

  1. Your hand piecing is lovely! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Your trapunto was worth the effort and I like the windows the way they are. You have been incredibly patient with it 😀 Avis x

    • I’m really loving the log cabin ^^ and can’t understand why on earth ladies at patchwork club didn’t make this the first beginner’s block because it’s so easy compared to some of the other blocks I had to do.
      and yes, the “trapunto” turned out a lot prettier than I expected but I won’t be attempting another one

  2. Hi, your trapunto caught my eye as I was browsing through patchwork blogs. It looks great! I’m always on the lookout for new things to try but reading your description of how to do it and your obvious frustration with it I don’t think I’ll be trying this one!

    • It all depends on how much patience you have ^^
      I think that if my first trapunto attempt had been something with less detail, I would probably have enjoyed it. . . maybe a simple flower design with only a few petals, leaves and one stem to stuff. Whereas the cottage had so many tiles on the roof it literally drove me up the wall.

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