“trapunto” we have a roof !

Photo today to show you how things are coming along with my  “trapunto” block.  This is my first attempt at the art of “trapunto” and I expect it will be my last as I’m not enjoying it in the slightest.

For those of you who don’t know the technique, it’s a little like “boutis” except that with “boutis” both front and back are done using the same fabric and stitches need to be incredibly neat because both sides can be admired. With “trapunto”, you use one piece of cotton for the front, and a looser weave fabric for the back. You draw your design, and tack both pieces together . . . then you stitch along all detail lines . . . then you stuff each segment by making a small hole in the back.  I found a wooden tooth pick to be the best tool: leaving one end sharp to make my hole, and cutting the tip off the other end to make it easier to push wadding through. But even then I found it to be the most aggravating handicraft experience of my life!  It seemed to take forever and while the result is quite pleasing, it’s not something I ever want to do again.

In theory, I have done the hardest part . . . for all the straight lines, ladies at patchwork club gave me a long length of white wool (which I have begun using) and it’s just a question of threading that down (or across) each remaining detail.  I had hoped to finish last night, and have this block out of the way asap BUT that was forgetting about Le Bleu.  He kept on grabbing the wool and we had something of a tug-of-war session yesterday with cat thinking it was some new game I had invented for his enjoyment ^^  So . . . I gave up and did some cross stitch instead, and will try and finish this at patchwork club tomorrow.

I haven’t yet deleted red pen marks – but once complete, this cottage will be all white.


4 thoughts on ““trapunto” we have a roof !

    • I don’t know about ambitious – it’s a sort of “imposed” block to learn the technique at patchwork club. I definitely wouldn’t have CHOSEN to do this sort of thing

    • glad to be of service lol.
      I have to say, when I joined the patchwork club it was to learn patchwork, not this kind of craft BUT at least I can say “been there, done that” and know it isn’t for me

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