a couple of modest happy jigs

The sun is out, and skies are blue, so I got my camera out to take a few pics of some recent (and very modest) stitching.  I haven’t been working on anything big, just a few small pieces. First one is an Isabelle Vautier heart I have finished – you’ll have to wait a few months to see what’s going to happen to that.

Next, a little design by Lady Kell, that I stitched for the Xmas Xstitching Challenge . . . it’s my May update a little late. I’ve added “bonne lecture” so will be finishing this off as a bookmark sometime

And, after hours and hours (and more hours and hours) I have finally finished all the outline stitching for my “trapunto”  patchwork block – it doesn’t show up very well in the photo, but it’s a little cottage.  Red pen marks were my guide lines to stitch along but will disappear once I give it an iron. I now need to do the most important part . . . stuff wadding into each section to make all the detail stand out in 3D and I am SO not looking forward to it ^^

And . . . on another note . . .

have been doing some more Christmas shopping lol . . . and bought a few more hand-made thread-sorters from Béa

who sent them along with a gorgeous hand-made card and a few fimo buttons and charms to thank me for my custom.


5 thoughts on “a couple of modest happy jigs

    • I started the “stuffing” part this evening – have done about 12 tiles of the roof and it’s driving me insane already. I can honestly say that this will be my first and LAST trapunto experience, it is not fun at all . . . it takes ages and so damned annoying !!!

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