rummaging in my drawers

Today I had a bit of a rummage in my drawers – intially because I was doing a sort of inventory on charts & fabric but then I came across a pile of finished cross stitch and had something of a shock when I saw how many pieces have been stitched but then just folded and stored. I can’t even remember when I stitched some of the designs, but some go back as far as 2007 maybe even earlier.

Bramble & Rose and my Isabelle Vautier “Grand Marquoir” are the largest pieces waiting to be finished off, but there is also

“Who’s watching Whom?”, “South Seas Lace” plus three Isabelle Vautier hearts

various smaller designs, including two Peter Underhill, a couple of my own, a Jardin Privé, a Drawn Thread, a breast cancer awareness angel, and a Lizzie Kate

and last, but not least, a Nancy Pederson blackwork design that I originally put in a frame and then began a proper finish with sewing machine but never got round to finishing completely.

Well, I know what I’ll be doing this summer . . . thinking up ways of finishing off at least a few of these pieces because it’s a shame to leave them folded in my drawers.


7 thoughts on “rummaging in my drawers

    • well I’m thinking that maybe I’ll be inspired with wall hangings and cushion covers, which will come in useful for xmas pressies lol

  1. That is a good surprise when you rummage through your drawers. I like to go through my closets, drawers and usually say, Oh, that is where I put it LOL

  2. Wow! These are all stunning! I especially love the South Seas Lace and the Grand Marquoir. Could you use some of the smaller pieces as padded tops for boxes? I think they would be delightful as gifts 🙂

    I usually find mis-matched socks when I rummage in my drawers…

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