thread sorters – “Le petit atelier de Béa”

I often pop along to Le petit atelier de Béa, on my blog-hopping sessions . . . Béa is a French lady who does lots of different crafts, including toy-making, card-making, and  making objects with fimo.  All her crafts work is really beautiful and, like many people these days, she has started up her own little business, selling some of her wares via her blog, but also at craft fayres.

Anyway, to cut a long story short . . . I bought a few little fimo thread sorters from her and they are absoultely gorgeous.

Since everything is hand-made, Béa doesn’t go in for mass production, but only makes one or two of each design, so my little thread sorters are all “limited editions” which makes them even more special.

And . . . because she knows I collect bookmarks, Béa also made me a lovely bookmark which she sent along with my order.  Now, how thoughtful is that?

So a huge thank you to Béa.