“Christmas Spirit” progress

It’s amazing how fast a cross stitch project can come along when you concentrate on just one project lol.  I’m so used to switching from one project to another, that I’d forgotten what a difference several consecutive stitching sessions can make.  In a bid to notch up a new finish very soon (so that I can begin a new project) I have been working on just “Christmas Spirit” (Joan Elliott). Here is what she looked like only a few days ago

(photo taken on 19th April)

and here is how she looks now

with a zoom to show you the area I’ve been working on

I decided NOT to add beadwork until I have completed all cross stitch and most of the backstich because I’m stitching on a very supple linen so need to use a hoop which makes any beadwork problematic for the moment.  I will also probably not do all of the recommended backstitching – ie, there should be stitching with metallic thread on some areas but since I hate metallic threads, I’m thinking of not adding it. I suppose it’s a question of “wait and see” what she looks like once the main backstitch is done and if I want to go for a less-ornate finish.

One thing is for sure – there is very little cross stitching left to do. Finish off the shoulders, move up to the collar and head, a little bit of sleeve and hands . . . backstitching and beading . . . she could well be finished by the beginining of May ^^