1st injection . . . I did it , yay ^^

Just back from vet’s with Willow, feeling mighty proud of myself . . . I didn’t chicken out this time, I actually managed to do my very first injection lol.  Obviously, couldn’t have done it without the coaching of the lovely vet’s assistant AND without the full cooperation of the patient. Willow was wonderful – she didn’t move so much as a whisker . . . she just lay there, looking as though her last hour had come ^^ and seemed as almost as surprised as me, that I managed to stick a needle in her without shaking (too much).

We’ll be going back on Saturday afternoon, so that I do the next injection under supervision too . . .  and then, I should be able to administer the remaining 4 antibiotic shots on my own.

The “visit” today also gave the vet the opportunity to examine Willow’s mouth again. It’s only been 48 hours since the cortisone injection, so a little early to see any real improvement, but things do look slightly prettier.  So, there you have it . . . just thought I’d share the news that I didn’t chicken out this time and that Willow is the best patient ever.


4 thoughts on “1st injection . . . I did it , yay ^^

  1. Well done! I remember watching trainee vets on TV when one of the trainees put the needle into the scruff, then out through the other side into fresh air and squirted her teacher he-he. I’d probably do that! Avis x

    • that was my worry, but it’s all a question of “angle”. As it turns out, I have even MORE injections to do . . . took Merlin to vet yesterday and he’s also got a series of anti-biotic shots so by this time next week I’ll have done 9 injections in total.

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