“chupin’s quaker” – messing around with colours

Colour preference is a very personal thing – there’s no explaining it. Red, orange, purple, blue, green . . . and often, when we see a cross stitch design, we’re influenced by the colours. When I charted my first quaker, I charted in 3 shades of blue, so the title that sprang to mind was “Quaker in Blue” lol but of course there is nothing to say that the design wouldn’t look effective in other colours (either varying shades of the same, or completely contrasting colours).

When I charted my second Quaker:  “chupin’s quaker”, I selected a nice chocolate brown, a pretty pink and a turquoise blue – colours which I feel give the design a softer, more modern look. And that is how I have made the design available on-line.

However . . . this morning I decided to mess around with other colour combinations just to see what it would look like.  And here are a few screen shots of a few variations I tried.  There’s no point in asking me for precise colour references, because I didn’t save changes . . . I just grabbed a few colours (bascially the way I stitch . . . just delving into my thread bag until I find colours that go together nicely or even CLASH nicely lol).

Variation 1 – in orange, purple and chocolate gives it a sort of “Hallowe’en feel ^^

Variation 2 using 2 shades of blue and black gives for a more traditional sampler

Variation 3 with purple, royal blue and slate grey (or was it black?)

Variation 4 for “pink” people, with two shades of pink and slate grey (this isn’t my cup of tea even if I do like the contrast)

Variation 5 in orange, green and brown . . . mmmm not quite sure if this works, but it has a sort of autumn feel to it, and I do like orange and green ^^

And then . . . in case you forgot what the first version looked like

I think it’s great fun to mess around with colours and try something new.  After all this colour-swapping, I may well go for a rummage and pull out three skeins and start stitching lol.

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