some stitching progress

I mentioned (in a previous post) that I had been a naughty, naughty girl, and bought some more xstitch stuff for my stash BUT that I was going to be very strict with myself and not start anything new until I have a finish.

Well, I am sticking to that resolution (so far ^^) and have been working on two WIPs – alternating, depending whether or not I have a cat on my lap.

I have completed stage 3 of a SAL: “Rêverie au jardin” by Les fils de mimie stitching over 1 on 27 count Linda evenweave, so this is the ideal project when I have a cat to keep me company.

And the other project is Joan Elliott”s “Christmas Spirit”. It doesn’t actually look like I’ve done much since the last update which looked like this

but I have put in quite a few hours, filling in the white ruffle bit on the skirt, adding more ribbons AND beginning back stitch.  I plan on adding the beads to this section before tackling the upper half of the chart and, since I’m not going to be stitching wings or halo, I think I can safely say I’m more than half-way there.

Here’s a photo of what the complete design looks like (from a 2007 issue of “Cross Stitcher” magazine

7 thoughts on “some stitching progress

    • thanks Avis. On “Rêverie” yes, stitches are small because I’m stitching over 1. I really enjoy stitching like that for a simple design.

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