for no reason . . .

Yep, I treated myself to some more cross stitch stash lol . . . for no reason.  I was browsing on sewandso the other week, actually looking at fabric because I plan on starting work on an Isabelle Vautier African woman very soon. There was a new fabric in the shop: “Trento” 28 count zweigart, so I bought a HUGE piece because the plan is to stitch all five African ladies in the series (yeah, right, we’ll see what happens there).  And since I’d discovered something new, I then went browsing in the other “what’s new” section and came across a brand of kits I didn’t know: RTO. Made in Russia.  There were quite a few that caught my eye, notably cute ones, suitable for nurseries etc . . . but I’m not stitching much “cute” these days. However, I then saw a grizzly bear and thought he was so gorgeous I just had to add him to my basket.  And then . . . while I was at it . . . another click and I added a small Lizzie Kate chart to my basket lol.

Here is a photo of my goodies.

With the WIPocaplyse challenge, I’m making good headway with current WIPs but I’m going to be very strict with myself and NOT start any of my planned new projects until I have finished “Christmas Spirit” by Joan Elliott.  She’s coming along nicely. I have finished the lower half of the chart (so all of the dress from the waist down) and am backstitching that part before I move onto the second page.  School hols begin tomorrow evening so that means more stitching time, and I’m hoping to have her finished by early May.