WIPocalypse April’s check-in

I know I’m a day early with my WIPocalypse post, but I can’t see me getting much stitching done between now and tomorrow so took a few snaps shots and decided to post now while I think of it.

Progress is less spectacular than last month and I only had one happy dance – however, when I look at my photos I did actually do more than I thought. So here goes.

“Vert Campagne” – haven’t yet filled in the geese eyes or done the back stitch but hopped straight to a third square so I almost have three pigs.

“Christmas Spirit” (Joan Elliott) has spent ages in the hoop, but only a few stitches here and there since the beginning of the year. I don’t know why because I LOVE this design. I think it’s a problem of following the chart with a cat on my lap which is slowing me down.

“Rêverie au jardin” (Les fils de mimie) started as a SAL mid-March.  I’ve almost completed stage 2.

Easter Egg SAL organised by Liselotte. I stitched 6 little eggs (two the same) and finished them off into little bags which I have filled with small choccie eggs. Am thinking they can be filled with lavender after Easter and be stuck in underwear drawers lol.


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