Kreativ Blogger Award

A big thank you to Avis, my patchwork guru of Oh Sew Tempting who has nominated me for another award.

I’m going to be a naughty blogger and only fulfill two of the three requirements. First is to link to the person who nominated me and add the picture (done).

Second is to write seven “interesting” things about myself. Mmmm don’t know about interesting, but I have come up with a list of a few things -up to you to decide if they’re interesting or not.

1.  I have recently discovered a passion for macadamia nuts (who cares about the calories?) and will munch away at any time of the day or night.

2.  I excel in the art of procrastination (my naked, faceless Tilda bunny begun last year is living proof).

3.  Although I can’t sing in tune, I LOVE singing. Anything from The Carpenters to Jessie J, and when I forget the words I just repeat the chorus over and over and over . . . (now how annoying is that?)

4.  I can’t drive and sing at the same time lol. The other day, I took the wrong exit on a roundabout and ended up doing a long diversion to get home.

5.  I wear jeans every day.

6.  At bedtime I have a little ritual with Le Bleu (our youngest cat). He comes to bed and licks the salt off my macadamia nuts while I’m munching and reading my Cybook. Then he has a drink at the washbasin tap while I clean my teeth, and then we both snuggle up under the quilt.

7.  I weigh the same today as I did 26 years ago.

The third requirement is to list seven worthy bloggers. Now it’s not that I don’t know of seven worthy bloggers . . . I spend hours visiting fascinating blogs and leaving comments, but often it’s through blog-hopping and I don’t always keep track of where I’ve been. So, this is where I’m going to be naughty and add just one link. To Measi’s Musings. Measi is organsing the WIPocalpyse challenge and every full moon I visit the hundreds of bloggers who check in.




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