oh happy day ^^

2nd April 1986 was a happy day . . . the day my husband and I said “Yes” in front of the registrar, family and friends.

No wedding photos I’m afraid as my husband is internet-shy so you’ll have to make do with a photo of our cake ^^ In true British style, we kept the top layer for the birth of our first child – event which happened in January 1988.

2nd April is therefore our 26th wedding anniversary  so a day for celebration in its own right BUT 2nd April 2012 will also go down in history as a happy day for another reason.  Our eldest son (the one mentioned above) has started his first REAL job today ^^

After graduating in June 2010, therefore more than 20 months of job applications (filled only by a few short-term contracts) he has finally landed his first real full-time permanent job in his speciality.  We are so proud of his perseverance, and so pleased that the long months of waiting are finally over.

Oh happy day indeed !!!