Le Bleu gives me a reason to get hands-on experience

As my followers and regular visitors know, not only do I have a large animal family but I am also following a home-schooling course on Animal Care. And it looks like Le Bleu has decided it’s time Claire got some proper hands-on experience . . . with needles ***

He was under the weather on Monday and Tuesday with vomitting. First it was bile, then it was half-digested food, and by Wednesday morning he was just vomitting saliva rather than swallow it down. Took him to vets (of course) and vet reckoned it was a mild case of “poisoning” – that with Spring and new plants popping up, he’d eaten some plants or something.  Vet gave him an injection to begin treatment and sent us home with tablets to continue over the next 3 days.

However . . . this morning, when I tried to coax him to take tablets, he didn’t want to know and started salivating again. I “grabbed the cat” and resorted to the time-proved method of prying mouth open, dropping down the back of his throat and gentle rubbing to help swallow. Le Bleu immediately got free, and suddenly turned into a froth producing cat !!!!  I’ve never seen anything like it ^^  Saliva, just frothing and bubbling from his mouth, drooling and frothing, frothing and drooling . . . and it went on for an HOUR !  Needless to say, there was also some vomitting – so bye bye tablets . . . after mopping up all the mess, I picked up the phone and have asked vet to prepare the treatment in syringes and I’ll pop along later today to pick them up.

I am so NOT looking forward to doing this.  I’ve seen the vet do injections hundreds of times. I know the theory . . . it’s the practical I know nothing about. Vet has reassured me that “it’s easy” and that “Le Bleu won’t feel a thing” . . .  I suppose I’ll find out later today. One thing is for sure . . . I have to do it if I want him feeling his old self again soon and I certainly don’t want another frothing foaming episode like we had earlier.

Poor thing looks like he’s got rabies lol and THAT was taken when the worst of the foaming was over !


4 thoughts on “Le Bleu gives me a reason to get hands-on experience

  1. Oh dear, poor Le Bleu, he really does keep you on your toes. Feel well again soon Le Bleu xx Good luck with the jabs Claire, I really don’t like needles so would find this extremely difficult, no matter how many times I was told it was easy

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