exchange gifts for Chantal

I am taking part in another exchange, on a French forum . . . I know I said I was going to be sensible this year, but it’s so hard to resist. The idea for this exchange is very simple and there are no deadlines.  There are five of us taking part: myself, Reinette, Chantal, Dincy and Tagada and the idea is for each of us to make and send gifts to the four others, based on their tastes. There is no imposed theme, and we are free to make and send as we like, ie we make a gift and send to a fellow exhanger when she least expects it.

For my first little parcel, I decided to send to Chantal.  Her favourite colour is red so I made a little scissor fob and matching bobbin to stand her scissors on . . . and since Easter is just around the corner, I added a packet of chocolate eggs.

The blackwork is part of a Nancy Pederson design.