Liebster Blog award

Shucks, I have won an award ^^

And very chuffed am I – so a big thank you to Avis who nominated me. You can see her wonderful patchworking on Oh Sew Tempting. Not only does she make some gorgeous things, but she writes about her handicraft with such enthusiasm, it’s a real pleasure to read.

This award (I assume) comes to us from Germany, and the idea is to pass it on to other blogs that I enjoy so here goes for all the formalities that come with accepting the award.

1.  Thank the person who nominated me and post a link to their blog. So a big thank you again to Avis, of Oh Sew Tempting.

2. Copy and paste the award (done at the top of the page)

3. Pass this on to 5 of my favourite blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So here goes (in no particular order) with quite an international list

Sylvia’s Kreuzstichliebe – a German blogger who creates her own designs. Some are available for free on her blog and others are now for sale. She did some gorgeous designs for a 12 month SAL a few years ago that are still available and this year she is designing the four seasons.  Even if you don’t speak German, her site is well worth the visit.

Bliss-X-stitches – you’ll meet Felicity who currently lives in Perth. Her blog is about family and creative arts – it’s very special to me because Felicity and I met in person a few years back, along with The Moth. They are wonderful people, and Felicity always seems to be so cheerful and brightens up my day.

Tudor Thyme – is Nancy Pederson’s blog. Nancy is a designer and I have stitched several of her blackwork designs from TGOS magazine. Now that the magazine is stopping publication, I’m hoping that Nancy will keep her fans informed of new work via her blog.

Paulau Croise à l’Ouest –  a recent discovery. A French blog, run by a very talented lady who is a big Isabelle Vautier fan. Not only is her stitching remarkable, but she has the most wonderful ideas for finishing off cross stitch projects.

La Pie Kikou –  another French blog a another really talented lady. La Pie Kikou can do just about anything. She cross stitches, does Hardanger, crochet, bag-making and made some Tilda characters recently too. Very inspirational.