two quick cushions with printed fabric

After having made up my “Quaker in Blue” cushion cover yesterday, I walked into my lounge and looked at the rather mank cushions on the couch and realised, not only could they do with a serious wash lol but also, why on earth didn’t I make some new ones?

So back upstairs . . . rummage through my fabric stash where I had some printed cushion panels . . . snip snip zoom zoom and two very quick cushion covers.

Nothing earth-shattering – just some Japanese cats on the front and the same blue velvety fabric I used yesterday for the back.

Usually I make the back in two parts, and sew long strips of velcro for a nice neat fastening but I did a short cut with these, and made them more like pillow cases with the extra flap inside.  Probably wasn’t such a good idea as once DH and the dog had both used them, they lost their square shape – so I’ll add some velcro later this week for a better fastening.