quiet week ahead (for me, at least)

It’s going to feel really strange at home this week. My daughter left on a 5 day school trip last night which means that there will just be myself and DH at home, but since he’s at work all day, I will have the house to myself and not have to worry about preparing lunch, keeping an eye on the clock, being attentive to teenage problems etc.  In a way it’s going to be a taster of life to come, for when Lindashee leaves home and goes to Art college in September . . . I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not.

Lindashee is in the UK until Saturday  ^^

They left last night around 9pm, travelling by coach and Eurotunnel, overnight, and heading up to Chester. A very busy schedule ahead over the next few days and I feel exhausted just thinking about it.  Today they should be arriving in Chester around 9am, and visiting places of interest ALL day before piling back in the coach and driving to Llandudno (North Wales) where they’ll be staying with host families.

On Wednesday it’s a day-trip to Liverpool, to visit the docks, football stadium and The Beatles’ Museum and back to Llandudno in the evening. Thursday – a longer drive to Manchester for more visits and another football stadium although those that prefer will be allowed to go shopping lol before heading back to host familes for third night.  Then on Friday, up early to drive down to Coventry (which Lindashee already knows vaguely since our eldest son studied there) for more visits all day and in the evening, back down towards London, the M25 and direction Folkestone for the overnight trip back to France. Supposedly arriving home around 7am on Saturday morning . . . I suspect everyone will be dead on their feet ^^


One thought on “quiet week ahead (for me, at least)

  1. When Ian started all day kindergarden which meant all the kids were in school, and Sara was at work it was really quiet, I thought I would relish it and I did for a couple of days, the third day, Sara was off and I opened her door and told her to make noise LOL

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