finishing off “Quaker in blue”

With my daughter in the UK for the week, the house has been wonderfully calm all day . . . dog snorring on the couch, budgies chirping in their cage, and Rio having a quiet mutter to himself from time to time. I took myself off up into my creative space, to do a little sewing.  Mmmm loads of projects that needed finishing off, but I decided to do one of my most recent projects first: my “Quaker in Blue”. I had bought some lovely cut offs in December, with no idea at the time what I would be using them for . . . but one of them called out to me, and I set to work on a cushion cover.  Yes, I know, my sewing skills are fairly limited, and there’s nothing very challenging in a cushion cover lol BUT I find it a very practical way of finishing off a piece of cross stitch to be able to have it on display without having to take up more wall space.

Anyway, without further ado, here it is

The fabric is really lovely and velvety, very soft to the touch – I also like the way it goes from blue to dark blue to turquoise ^^


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