exchange “Patriiiiiiiiiiiick”

This year (which isn’t even 3 months old) I am being more sensible about the amount of exchanges I sign myself up for . . . but couldn’t resist one on the theme of Saint Patrick.  Idea was to stitch a small gift on the theme of Saint Patrick or Good Luck. I can’t show you what I stitched and sent quite yet, as the parcel hasn’t arrived, but I CAN show you what I received ^^

The most gorgeous keyring from Lilubelle

I don’t know who the design is by, but it’s simply lovely in its simplicity and Lilubelle has surpassed herself in the choice of colours and details.

The little stitched cushion has the same design front and back with a tiny seed bead in the centre of each side and a celtic heart bead in one corner. Filled with lavendar and stitched over 1, in variagated thread it is exquisite. Then we have other details – lilac ribbons, with silk clover leaves, each leaf attached by a tiny seed bead AND a bauble of Swarkovski beads which can be removed and worn as pendant if I choose.

Accompanied by a lovely card and some “dog” badges to decorate my bags.

Totally spoiled ^^

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