FREE chupin’s Xstitch

Just to make things easier for you, and for me, I have updated things on the bar at the top of my home page – where you’ll find the page: Free chupin’s Xstitch charts, with photos and clickable links to all my charts in pdf format.  I was really enjoying receiving your requests by comm lol but have to admit it was taking me a while to reply. Not to mention that a few email addresses were not working for me, and I was getting non-delivered messages from the Mail Master.

So . . . in future . . . whenever I have a new freebie chart to share with you, I will put the link in the article as I post BUT will also update the Free chupin’s Xstitch charts page – where you can see all available freebies at a glance.

Hope this meets with your approval, but please, don’t let it stop you from leaving comms when you stop by lol.


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