FREE “Quaker in blue” – chupin’s Xstitch

Over on my French blog, 1st March is my 5th bloganniversary  – yay, 5 years of blogging, sharing ideas and making new friends – doesn’t time fly? Anyway, to celebrate, I decided to create a new free chart and went for something Quakerish this time around.  I have called it “Quaker in blue”, but of course there’s no obligation to stitch in blue lol.

FREE Quaker in blue

Edit: to make things easier – I’ve added the link so you can download the pdf file.

41 thoughts on “FREE “Quaker in blue” – chupin’s Xstitch

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  2. Blue is always my favourite colour! Your chart is pretty. I particularly like the hearts and cat. Would you send me the chart? Thank you!

    • Hello I tried to send the chart earlier but got a non-delivered message saying it was blocked as spam.
      Not quite sure HOW to send it to you.
      To make things easier, I’ve put the pdf link directly in the article

  3. Wow, I really like this chart. Could you send the chart to me as well? I love Quaker samplers, but don’t like stitching large, complex designs, so this is perfect. Happy 5th bloganniversary, Claire.

  4. I can see this in so many different colors! Very versatile, very beautiful, and would make a wonderful gift for someone (like my sister-in-law lol). May I please have a copy of the chart? Thank you!!

  5. This is a lovely sampler. Thank you so much for offering the free pattern. Please send it to my email entered below. I will probably stay with blue or possibly use green.
    I found you through Craft Gossip, and I am so glad that I did.
    Now I am off to browse.

  6. I love those Quaker crosstitich patterns, this combination is beautiful.I would love to have the chart you offer. Thank you for the opportunity.


    • Hello Velia, I tried to send chart to the email address you left, and received an “error” message saying that the address does not exist. To make things easier for everyone – I’ve put the pdf link directly in the post

  7. what a nice chart ! the colors are gorgeous ! I’d love to stitch it too !
    Thank you so much for sharing !
    I think I’ll sew it on my laptop case . If you’re interested in the tutorial to sew your own, just let me know : I’ll be glad to thank you for this nice gift

  8. I would love to receive your chart of the blue Quacker Sampler and I most likely do it in a varigated thread.Thank You for sharing this with us.Part

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