aarrggggggghhhhhh – not even half way

You may remember that 10 days ago, I made a list of resolutions to stick to during the half-term holidays . . . one of my resolutions being to find some serious studying time for my “Animal Care” distance schooling.  Well, I haven’t done too badly, but haven’t even done half of what I wanted to do since I was planning on finishing 7 homework assignments and I’ve only managed three so far. Anyway, I was sort of giving myself a pat on the back, because three is better than none at all . . . and with the latest one written up, I could put away one of my “books” and get ready to tackle the one on Dog Hygiene. According to my list of assignments, there were a total of 49 and with the latest one written up, I’m thinking “Great, I’ve done 27, only 22 to go” BUT when looking through the next batch of books, I realise there are in fact MORE than 49 assignments . . . there is a total of 62 . . . yes, SIXTY-TWO . . . which means that I’m still not even half-way through yet !!!!!

These are the modules I’ve completed

and this is the pile that now needs to be tackled

And, because I’ve been so slow and unorganised since May 2010 when I signed up (thinking, it’s fine, I have three years to complete the course) . . . I now realise I’ve taken 19 months so far, and I only have just over a year in which to complete.  So aarrggggghhhh indeed . . . I really am going to have to get my skates on. I refuse to be beaten by time ^^  I started this and I’ll be darned if I don’t finish (and get my certificate at the end).

2 thoughts on “aarrggggggghhhhhh – not even half way

  1. I’m sure you can do it Claire!!!!! 35 assignments in a year is one every 1.5 weeks, if you have 17 months that’s 1 every two weeks! Don’t be despondent, you have done three in less time than that so you will be fine x

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