ready for Easter

I’m all set for Easter ^^

Had a little bit of a sewing session yesterday with the 6 Liselotte eggs I had stitched . . . and make little bags.  These are now full of mini choccie eggs and will be winging their way, along with some Rabid Rabbit keyrings (keeping in theme with the Easter bunny lol) to the loved ones they were made for.

Le Bleu gives me a reason to get hands-on experience

As my followers and regular visitors know, not only do I have a large animal family but I am also following a home-schooling course on Animal Care. And it looks like Le Bleu has decided it’s time Claire got some proper hands-on experience . . . with needles ***

He was under the weather on Monday and Tuesday with vomitting. First it was bile, then it was half-digested food, and by Wednesday morning he was just vomitting saliva rather than swallow it down. Took him to vets (of course) and vet reckoned it was a mild case of “poisoning” – that with Spring and new plants popping up, he’d eaten some plants or something.  Vet gave him an injection to begin treatment and sent us home with tablets to continue over the next 3 days.

However . . . this morning, when I tried to coax him to take tablets, he didn’t want to know and started salivating again. I “grabbed the cat” and resorted to the time-proved method of prying mouth open, dropping down the back of his throat and gentle rubbing to help swallow. Le Bleu immediately got free, and suddenly turned into a froth producing cat !!!!  I’ve never seen anything like it ^^  Saliva, just frothing and bubbling from his mouth, drooling and frothing, frothing and drooling . . . and it went on for an HOUR !  Needless to say, there was also some vomitting – so bye bye tablets . . . after mopping up all the mess, I picked up the phone and have asked vet to prepare the treatment in syringes and I’ll pop along later today to pick them up.

I am so NOT looking forward to doing this.  I’ve seen the vet do injections hundreds of times. I know the theory . . . it’s the practical I know nothing about. Vet has reassured me that “it’s easy” and that “Le Bleu won’t feel a thing” . . .  I suppose I’ll find out later today. One thing is for sure . . . I have to do it if I want him feeling his old self again soon and I certainly don’t want another frothing foaming episode like we had earlier.

Poor thing looks like he’s got rabies lol and THAT was taken when the worst of the foaming was over !

exchange gifts for Chantal

I am taking part in another exchange, on a French forum . . . I know I said I was going to be sensible this year, but it’s so hard to resist. The idea for this exchange is very simple and there are no deadlines.  There are five of us taking part: myself, Reinette, Chantal, Dincy and Tagada and the idea is for each of us to make and send gifts to the four others, based on their tastes. There is no imposed theme, and we are free to make and send as we like, ie we make a gift and send to a fellow exhanger when she least expects it.

For my first little parcel, I decided to send to Chantal.  Her favourite colour is red so I made a little scissor fob and matching bobbin to stand her scissors on . . . and since Easter is just around the corner, I added a packet of chocolate eggs.

The blackwork is part of a Nancy Pederson design.

“Mortal Ghost” – L. Lee Lowe

“Mortal Ghost” – L. Lee Lowe

It’s a fiery hot summer, and sixteen-year-old Jesse Wright is on the run.  An oddly gifted boy, he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change.  He’s hungry and lonely and desperate—and beset by visions of a stranger who is being brutally tortured.  And then there are Jesse’s own memories of a fire . . .

Available in Kindle (on amazon)  and other ebook formats.

Since buying my Cybook I have only been reading FREE ebooks available on-line – mainly classics or novels written by young up-coming writers (some of which, I have to say, have been somewhat disappointing).

BUT “Mortal Ghost” is really something else.  From page one, we are drawn into the life of Jesse, a 16-year old lad on the run.

Lowe’s character descriptions are vivid, I really felt emotionally involved in the story and simply loved becoming a part of the Anderson family, getting to know Finn & Meg or fuming with rage at some of the “bad guys”.  There were a few negative points, but due more, I think, to lack of editing and the ebook format where the transition from dream scenes to reality was a little confusing but on the whole, this was really an excellent read.

Above, you will find the link to Lowe’s personal site with short stories to read on-line, the link to download “MORTAL GHOST” as well as Lowe’s lastest book: “CORVUS”

I have already downloaded it and just need to ask my daughter to show me (again) how to transfer books from my computer to my Cybook so I will be going to bed with “Corvus” tonight ^^


Liebster Blog award

Shucks, I have won an award ^^

And very chuffed am I – so a big thank you to Avis who nominated me. You can see her wonderful patchworking on Oh Sew Tempting. Not only does she make some gorgeous things, but she writes about her handicraft with such enthusiasm, it’s a real pleasure to read.

This award (I assume) comes to us from Germany, and the idea is to pass it on to other blogs that I enjoy so here goes for all the formalities that come with accepting the award.

1.  Thank the person who nominated me and post a link to their blog. So a big thank you again to Avis, of Oh Sew Tempting.

2. Copy and paste the award (done at the top of the page)

3. Pass this on to 5 of my favourite blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So here goes (in no particular order) with quite an international list

Sylvia’s Kreuzstichliebe – a German blogger who creates her own designs. Some are available for free on her blog and others are now for sale. She did some gorgeous designs for a 12 month SAL a few years ago that are still available and this year she is designing the four seasons.  Even if you don’t speak German, her site is well worth the visit.

Bliss-X-stitches – you’ll meet Felicity who currently lives in Perth. Her blog is about family and creative arts – it’s very special to me because Felicity and I met in person a few years back, along with The Moth. They are wonderful people, and Felicity always seems to be so cheerful and brightens up my day.

Tudor Thyme – is Nancy Pederson’s blog. Nancy is a designer and I have stitched several of her blackwork designs from TGOS magazine. Now that the magazine is stopping publication, I’m hoping that Nancy will keep her fans informed of new work via her blog.

Paulau Croise à l’Ouest –  a recent discovery. A French blog, run by a very talented lady who is a big Isabelle Vautier fan. Not only is her stitching remarkable, but she has the most wonderful ideas for finishing off cross stitch projects.

La Pie Kikou –  another French blog a another really talented lady. La Pie Kikou can do just about anything. She cross stitches, does Hardanger, crochet, bag-making and made some Tilda characters recently too. Very inspirational.



joyeux anniversaire Joce

One of my French forum friends celebrates her birthday this month: Joce. Since she sent me some lovely gifts for my birthday, it was only natural that I should want to send a little package to celebrate HER birthday . . . and as Spring is in the air . . . Spring was the theme ^^  I sent her a few packets of seeds for her garden and finished off a cross stitched piece into a decorative plaque.

“Spring in my garden” (Barbara Ana) that I stitched as a SAL – laced onto cardboard with wadding underneath, some chequered green ribbon around the edge and two little “yoyo” flowers made from the same fabric I used for backing.

16/20, 16/20, 16/20, 16/20

Title gives you my four latest grades for my Animal Care course – the least one can say is that I’m  consistent lol.

I WAS a little disappointed, I have to say as it means my overall average has been bumped down and, after 28 assignments, I now have an average of 17.81/20.  Still not too bad, but I have the feeling it’ll bump down some more . . . have just finished writing up the next assignment and am not sure if I’ve tackled the question in as much depth as necessary.  Oh well, it’s in an enveloppe waiting to be posted and I shall plug on tomorrow with the next lesson and assignment (which will be quicker to do as it’s a multi-choice one).

” . . . ils méditent” a new chupin’s Xstitch

Many hours have been spent of late messing around with my Jane Greenoff software instead of making headway stitching. Seeing designs come to life on screen is becoming almost as addictive as stitching itself ^^

Anyway, here is my latest “creation” if I dare call it that . . . a sketch of an owl’s head (copyright free sketch from a clipart site) worked as a monochrome . . . and a text by French poet, Charles Baudelaire.  Obviously, the owl can be stitched on his own without any text (and measures approx 105 x 115 stitches). With the text, the design measures approx 115 x 315 stitches.

FREE ils méditent

three more Liselotte eggs

Tihs week I have been preparing Easter – therefore three more Liselotte eggs to show you.

Which makes a total of six. I think I’ll stop there, and will set to work with my sewing machine this coming week to finish them off. I plan on making little pouches in which to put some small choccie eggs as presents for family and friends.