patchworking – 4th sampler block

Time to give you another update on my half-term holiday resolutions.  I’m not doing too badly, but I haven’t done as much as I’d hoped.  Five days on, and I have completed a second assignment for Animal Care but since I was hoping to complete SEVEN in two weeks, I’m way behind.  Maybe I was being overly optimistic, in thinking I could do one every other day? Not to worry, I’ve still got 9 days left so anything is possible.

The only machine sewing done so far was the cushion cover . . . so next week I need to remedy that. However, I have been patchworking.  I have finished my “Sunbonnet boy”

so have four blocks all done

and I’m making good headway with the “Fan” block (but will post photos when that’s complete).  I’ve already started thinking about what colour fabric to use for the bands to assemble my blocks but don’t have much of an idea yet. My most colourful fabric, in the blocks, has a variety of colours: so I am thinking I need to pick out one of those. Was thinking about a turquoise-green (on the edge of second photo) but that doesn’t quite do it for me so am now wondering about lime green, yellow or blue. Problem is I don’t have any plain fabrics in those colours in my stash so I’m going to have to find a fabric shop and go along in person to choose.

One thought on “patchworking – 4th sampler block

  1. Your patchwork is coming on a treat, very pretty colours in the fabric you are using. I find choosing colours the hardest part of any sewing/quilting projects, I’m just one of those people who have no colour sense at all. Phill usually helps me LOL.

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