“Rondo” – finished off

A few hours with my sewing machine (in keeping with my half term resolutions) and I have finished off one of my latest cross stitch pieces.  “Rondo” (Whispered by the Wind) even when I began stitching this design, I knew how it would be finished off, quite simply because of it’s perfect square shape : a cushion cover.  That’s why I didn’t use Threadworx threads, but went for DMC variations because I knew I needed to use a thread that could be washed.

My sister (who won’t be visiting my blog so I can tell you without worrying about spoiling the surprise) turned 50 this month and I was hoping to have this ready to send in time for her birthday but I didn’t so it will arrive a few days late.  I hope she likes it ^^


13 thoughts on ““Rondo” – finished off

    • I have to say I am rather pleased with the way it turned out. Might even stitch this again, in a different colour, and make a cushion cover for myself

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