more b’day gifts – thank you Karen and Stéphanie

Birthday surprises are still arriving by post – so a big thank you to Karen, who sent me a lovely brooch which can also be worn as a pendant, a set of Russian doll writing paper AND a whole load of fabric squares (three of each design) to give me plenty of inspiration for patchworkings.

and from Stéphanie, a hand-stitched card and a magnetic bookmark for my collection ^^

So a big thank you ladies.

For those of you wondering how I’m getting on with my half-term holiday resolutions . . . well 48 hours on, and it’s going well ^^

I have managed to do a total of 6 hours studying, which means one homework assignment all ready to be posted (on viruses and bacteria) and I’m now working my way through the chapter on inflammation and anti-inflammatories.  Gripping stuff hihi. This afternoon I spent a couple of hours sewing with my daughter. My sewing didn’t get very far as I ended up offering suggestions, moral support and eventually helping out with Lindashee’s project, which is a dress for one of her MSD sized BJD dolls. The doll is 42cm tall  and pieces are a bit difficult to assemble.  No photos to show today, as it’s all still a WIP but hopefully in a day or two.


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