Lovely Lionel keeping busy with birthday wishes

Lovely Lionel is freezing his little socks off on his postie rounds bringing me more birthday wishes from around the world – I think he enjoys it actually, getting to deliver all the mail that arrives from so far away ^^

Presents to show you today are . . .

from Natacha, my sister-in-law, a gorgeous hand-crafted bag. She didn’t make it herself, but bought it from an organisation that helps people in under-developped countries set up craft co-operatives and sell their work.  The snazzy cross-stitched band caught her eye and she immediately thought of me . . . and I just love it. Nice and small but with lots of zippy pockets, so I can sling it over my shoulder and carry all my important bits with me.

From Sandrine, who didn’t actually know it was my birthday, but I’m counting this as a birthday surprise . . . some new bookmarks for my collection.

A very colourful card from Andrea, in Germany.  Andrea and I were penpals when we were only 16 and have kept in touch ever since at birthdays and Christmas.

And . . . from Felicity . . . all the way from Australia . . . a nice plump enveloppe full of stitchy goodies and a very fun card

So a big thank you to Natacha, Sandrine, Andrea and Felicity ^^

One thought on “Lovely Lionel keeping busy with birthday wishes

  1. I’m catching up on blog reading so will post one comment here to cover a few of your posts. Firstly, Happy Birthday! I was going to say hope you had a good one, but I can see from all the lovely presents you’ve received that you did! I love the Carriage House Samplings designs, and if you ever fancy a stitch a long with either of them just let me know. BUT, I have to say that Lindashee has really excelled herself with the Bookeen cover. It is absolutely stunning! Well done Lindashee!

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