patchwork club puts on local show

You may (or not) know that I joined a local patchwork club in October . . . I had been thinking about it for a while, but finally took the plunge . . . and have been learning various techniques and assembling my first blocks.  Well today, it’s the local patchwork show . . . so up early this morning to help set up displays and here are photos to show you just a small example of what is on display.  The only bits of mine (aside from my pincushion) are in the WIP corner (so the first photo) . . . the other photos are all of work by fellow club members.  I leave you to admire their handicraft with no further comments except to say (when you get to the bags) that I am so impatient to make my own, and find each version so beautiful, I really don’t know what fabrics I will choose because each one looks gorgeous.

So, just a small sample of work by ladies in the patchwork club – I think there are about fifty members in total, but we meet in three different places so this annual show was a chance for ladies from different groups to meet up.  Every year there is a group project organised, but this year’s group project is still a WIP.  I have been making yoyos by the dozen, and assembling small squares and triangles which will be part of the outer border . . . the central panel looks like this for the moment

so we’ll have to wait until this time next year, and the 2013 show to see the group project finished in all it’s colourful splendour ^^


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