“Hearts in a Square” – my version

I have had dozens and dozens of requests for my little chart: “Hearts in a Square” both here and on my French blog – thank you for showing so much interest ^^ I hope to see photos in the not-too-distant future of other people’s stitching, but in the meantime, I can show you MY version ^^

Stitched on 27 count, ivory “Linda” evenweave, over one, using one strand of Les Fils du Rhin thread “Black Tulip”. My version is just under 6cm square. I now need to decide how I’m going to finish it off. Not sure yet whether to just put it in a small square frame or to make a pinkeep.


7 thoughts on ““Hearts in a Square” – my version

    • yes, I’ve been having something of a purple phase ^^
      and yes, stitching is fine because it’s over one. I find this not only very effective for certain designs, but it also works out so much cheaper because it uses less fabric and much less thread, so my stash lasts longer

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