Sainte Chérie’s rendition of “hearts in a square”

I have been totally amazed at the positive response my little “Hearts in a Square” chart has brought – thank you ladies for requesting the chart, it really brings a big smile to my face to know that there are stitchers out there who like it enough to want to stitch it. I, myself, haven’t finished my version yet – but I should be able to post a photo in the next few days to show you.

I do have a photo of the stitched piece to show off, however, thanks to Sainte Chérie a friend on a French forum. She asked for the chart on Friday, and by Saturday evening she had finished. When I saw the result, I went “Wow !!!” and couldn’t believe I’d designed something that looks so spectacular lol.

Sainte Chérie stitched on 28 count white Jubilee with a hand-dyed thread from l’Atelier du pic vert in “Nuit en forêt” blue but the icing on the cake, is all those little seed beads she pain-stakingly added.


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