hearts in a square – chupin’s Xstitch

I’m never going to become the next Debbie Draper, Tracey Horner or Mari McDonald, but that doesn’t stop me from fiddling around with my Jane Greenoff software and charting a few of my own designs lol.  Since I’m busy stitching “Rondo” (Whispered by the Wind, designed by Mari McDonald) my little brain is full of geometric, repetitive designs, so I sat down this afternoon to try my hand at creating my own design.

Not quite sure what to call it, so I have just named the file “hearts in a square” and am unsure what colour I’ll be stitching it in, so have just left the chart with black symbols but here is what it looks like.

It’s only a small design: 75 x 75 stitches, so should be quite quick to stitch up. I want to finish at least one of my current WIPs before I begin another project, but will definitely make a start on this by the end of the month.

Chart in pdf formatFREE hearts in a square


30 thoughts on “hearts in a square – chupin’s Xstitch

  1. I love it Claire, would love to have it and I will send you a pic of it when I finish it and will tell my friends you designed it,


  2. I love it Claire. Please do send me the chart, it looks like a good ‘lunchtime design’ for me, small, monochrome and quick to stitch, great for those rainy days when I stay in the office for the lunch hour (and we get quite a lot of those in Wales lol)

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  4. I love it. I can just see it in varigated blue/green thread and maybe even sewn into a biscornu – something I’ve promised myself to do this year! Thanks for the pattern. XX

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  6. Just discovered your site and have been looking at your stitching, beautiful work. I love your design “hearts in a square” and was hoping it’s not to late for you to send it to me. Continued success to you.

    Happy stitching,

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