furry friends under the weather

2012 is only 12 days old but I’ve already managed to make two visits to the vets this year. The vet isn’t complaining, of course, as he’ll soon be looking forward to his annual skiing holidays lol and guess who’s helping pay for it . . . yep, muggins.

My fault really, I suppose, since no one ever forced me to have such a large menagerie, but it does sometimes feel like they’re ganging up on me.

The culprits are Le Bleu and Blackjack – but rest assured, it’s nothing serious for either of them.

Le Bleu had been sneezing and looking under the weather at the weekend. Started sleeping in unusual places, and above all, NOT coming to bed with me at night, preferring to curl up in a chair on his own. That, in itself, had me wondering, but when I tried to have a closer inspection, he put his ears back, growled, hissed at me, and ran for cover. Now that sort of behaviour is totally out of character. So . . . on Tuesday he saw the vet. Turns out he just has a bad throat infection and slight nose & eye irritation so a shot of anti-inflammatories, a shot of anti-biotics and home with 5 days of anti-biotic treatment and eye drops.

24 hours later he was already feeling a lot better and back under the quilt for bedtime cuddles ^^

However . . . Tuesday and Wednesday night my (much-needed) beauty sleep was interrupted several times by Blackjack: standing right next to the bed and barking apologetically in my ear, to let me know that he had urgent business to attend to in the garden at 4am.  Rather than clear up a mess indoors, I dutifully got up both nights to let him out . . . but transit was no better today so off to the vets we went.

We came home laden down with medicine for Blackjack who is suffering from  mild gastroentiritis . . . and I’ll be juggling with tablets & eye drops for Le Bleu plus tablets, more tablets and even cream for the poor dog’s rear end for the next 5 days.

I’m just crossing fingers and toes that the other cats don’t come down with either one thing or the other because the bank account has had about all it can take in vet bills for this month.


3 thoughts on “furry friends under the weather

  1. So sorry to hear that your cat and dog have not been feeling well. Glad they are on the mend.going to take Cleopatra next month to get spayed and front claws declawed.

  2. Poor Blackjack and Le Bleu, I hope they’re both back to normal very soon. That picture of them made me laugh though, they look like a pair of villains who’ve been caught red handed up to no good, lining up to have their mug shots taken lol,

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