patchwork bobbin holder

Happy dancing today  with my second patchwork project all finished.  4 circles, sewn together to make 2 . . . and then assembled to make a bobbin holder.  Now, all the ladies at the patchwork club have one, since it’s the second official beginner’s project (before starting to make blocks) and somehow mine looked a bit saggy at first.

I remembered that the other ladies’ ones all fit snuggly around their pincushion, to make a nice flower whereas mine sort of sagged and looked more like a weary cabbage lol.  Then; I had the idea of using shorter and fatter reels/bobbins and hey presto, that seems to be it.

Other than that . . . also been doing my bit for the group project – and assembled the triangles and squares I was entrusted with. One of the ladies is already assembling these, which will be making up a border, and they look very effective when made up, although a bit sad when just in small bands.


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