xmas decorations – mass production ^^

It definitely looks like I’m into mass production with my xmas decorations, but rest assured, this is probably the last batch of the year. For those of you wondering if I’m going to have a mammouth tree (to be needing so many decorations), the answer is “No”. I just decided, this year, to send out decorations with my annual xmas letter to family and friends instead of the traditional card. The fabric square on felt method gives a decoration that weighs only 3 grams so is perfect to slip in the enveloppe with the annual letter.

Anyway, here are the two latest (and no doubt last for 2011) batches I ran up

 I made 18 of the Father Christmas & penguin ones, and 21 of the other fabric. I do have a little bit of felt left over, and some more fabric but think I’ll put it away for next year. It’s been great fun having this xmas decoration binge but I reckon I have more than enough for this year’s festive greetings ^^


2 thoughts on “xmas decorations – mass production ^^

  1. You are such a Whizz….carry on with your production and you will have enough by this time next year to have a little stall in a Christmas Fayre – they would sell like hot cakes:)

  2. What a lovely idea to include these decorations with your Christmas cards.
    It also acts as a reminder to me to ask Santa for a sewing machine,as I’d like to go on a binge too!

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