“Cat Lessons” line three

I’m feeling very proud of myself as I seem to be managing to keep on schedule with several projects at once ^^  This weekend (aside from stitching the weekend challenge) I stitched a third line of “Cat Lessons For People”.  Am slightly worried that I’m going to run out of thread though – I have all skeins as recommended on chart, but am pretty sure I’ll be running out of “Swiss Chocolate” which is the lighter brown of the top and bottom lines in the photo. Am thinking of placing an order for a second skein so that I don’t get held up later on.


One thought on ““Cat Lessons” line three

  1. Lovely work, Claire.
    I found myself in some what of a similar situation yesterday regarding insufficient thread. I had started a relatively small project with some old variegated thread (no label) but misjudged the amount and was short about four lengths. I then had to fiddle around with blending colours together and stitching them randomly to get that variegated look. If you don’t look too closely, it looks okay, but I shan’t be doing that again in a hurry.
    Thanks for the link to Carmela’s blog too.

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