Knole thimble for Margilau

I have received several lots of bookmarks for my collection from Margilau, a blogging friend, who doesn’t actually collect the things herself. What she does collect however is thimbles . . . so I wanted to send her a little something to say thank you for thinking of me. Unfortunately, we don’t have any gifty shops in my area and it’s always rather a trek-and-a-half to go into Paris so I took the other shopping option when looking for something slightly different and browsed on ebay.

Now, although I have lived in France for over 25 years, I originate from Kent, England, growing up in Biggin Hill (famous for the part it played during the Battle of Britain) and just down the road from Sevenoaks.  Imagine my delight, therefore, when I stumbled across a thimble from Knole Park: one of Henry VIII’s Kentish residences.  Knole Park is run by the National Trust, and attracts tourists all year round, not just to visit the “house” but also to visit the park which is home to the deer and is the only one in Kent that dates back to the late 15th century (how’s about that for a bit of history?).

Anyway, here’s the thimble that Margilau has now added to her collection

Photo 286

and a link to Knole Park, in case you’re ever in the “Garden of England” and fancy a visit


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