easy bookmark tutorial

I’ve been making lots of bookmarks of late as gifts for friends using different methods. When I have time to stitch designs for both back and front, I do – and then assemble much the same way as I would a biscornu. However, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to stitch both sides, so then I choose a piece of matching fabric to finish off. I made a couple yesterday (using another Lady Kell design http://kincavelkrosses.wordpress.com/  ) and thought I’d take photos of the mounting process I use. Will probably not be very informative to some stitchers, but may give ideas to one or two stitchers out there as to a quick and effective way to make a bookmark.

You will need your stitched design, around which you backstitch a border using one strand; cardboard (which you cut to the same size as your stitched border); fabric and tassles or ribbon for embellishment. I made two, which explains why everything is in duplicate.

First of all you lace your fabric onto the cardboard. (I used black thread so it shows up, but it’s best to use one similar in shade to your fabric).

Then you trim off your cross stitch, cutting corners at angles.

Next you just fold in the edge of your cross stitch fabric, and slipping your needle under the backstitched border, you sew the two pieces together, just catching a small piece of printed fabric as you go for each stitch. I used blanket stitch, as I find it gives a neater finish.

Once that is done, folding corners in nicely as you go, you then add your tassle.

And hey presto – you have a nice neat, rigid bookmark (which cannot be washed however because of the cardboard inside).

13 thoughts on “easy bookmark tutorial

  1. A good tutorial and what great bookmarks, and they will make good gifts too. I was thinking that you could cut some plastic sheeting so that they could be washable….buy hey who washes their bookmarks!

  2. Excellent tutorial – easy to follow and complete. Thank you. I like the idea of recycling cardboard rather than using plastic, whiich does *nothing* for the environment.

    • Hello
      If you cllick on the Kincavel Krosses link, which I’ve included in this post, that will take you to the designer’s site. Then select “bookmarks” in the category option on her blog and keep scrolling. KK has some of her charts for sale, but the design I used for these is still available for free on her blog.

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