Three Ningyô-Kokeshi dolls (free)

I have had a few computer problems of late, with my computer (which was a hand-me-down from my eldest son) dying suddenly last weekend and me, panic stricken, wondering how on earth life could continue since I was computer-less and more importantly, I hadn’t saved all my scribbles & photos since Sept 2010 (that’ll teach me for trusting technology).  However, my knight in shining armour (aka my other half) came to my rescue ^^

On Monday he set me up on another hand-me-down computer temporarily (a third-hand one, that belonged first to eldest son, then to daughter) so I could continue my forum, blogging and email activities during the week . . . and this morning I got up to find that my Sir Percival had been up at the crack of dawn, preparing a surprise for me . . . he had spent several hours recuperating ALL my files from the deceased computer so that I now have ALL my stuff and haven’t lost a single thing ^^

Which means that today, I can write this article (which I had been planning on doing on March 1st) and tell you about a “new” Chupin’s Xstitch original I have to offer.  I say “new” because this design is actually something I charted and stitched years and years ago . . . but I had recently been reworking the charts with my Jane Greenoff software to make them clearer.

Three Ningyô-Kokeshi dolls – those little wooden dolls that I collect. They’re very basic, and since I don’t master light & shade very well, somewhat 2-dimensional but I think they’re cute ^^

Chart in pdf format FREE trois poupées kokeshis


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