two SAL updates

This year, I am being inspired by many free designs available on and have several SALs either on the go, or on my agenda for months to come.  Current SALs are . . . a Pelin Tezer design: “Turkish Sampler” which is in its 6th week.  Extremely pink still because I am keeping to the same kind of colour scheme and I have to say, I’m looking forward to the next lines as pink really isn’t my favourite colour.

Another bright design is “Reading is Magic” by Barbara Ana.  This week we’re stitching the last part of this cute SAL. I just might unpick the back stitch on “Magic” because I used yellow like on the chart but the word doesn’t stand out at all. 

Next stage is to finish off this piece of fabric. Either into a small wall-hanging or a bookmark, I haven’t decided which yet.