more of my day at AEF 2011

I’m back to share a few more photos of my day at l’Aiguille en Fête yesterday.  First the goodies . . . from JARDIN PRIVé a chart and 2 small hornbooks (the Amitié chart was a gift)

some cardboard hearts from DER FEINE FADEN

and some very expensive ribbons / lace which is red (not pink, that’s a problem with my flash) (will be careful how I use these!)

My daughter was looking for some dress-making patterns and since they were cheaper if you bought lots . . .

That was all the buying we did. I think you’ll agree that we were more than reasonable.

Yesterday was also the opportunity to meet Mamoures, a stitching friend “met” a few years ago on a French forum. She lives in the NE of France but came to AEF with several ladies from her stitching club. We had exchanged telephone numbers before, so were able to meet up at the show.  From left to right: me, my daughter and Mamoures.

We exchanged gifts, as is the tradition when stitchers meet.  I gave Mamoures a handmade bookmark and an array of printed fabric (which I forgot to take photo of). And Mamoures gave me . . .

l’Aiguille en Fête 2011

“l’Aiguille en Fête” is a crafts show dedicated to all needle crafts and takes place every year in Paris: Grande Halle de la Villette. I went along yesterday with my daughter, and met several friends there.  Arriving at 9.30am was an excellent idea, because the hall wasn’t too packed for the first few hours and we were able to have a good look at everything without too much pushing or shoving, but by 11am it began to get more crowded.

It was a very international show with people from all over: Germany, Italy, UK, America and even Japan and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I had wisely left Mr Visa at home so spending was kept to a bare minimum – the main reason for attending was to meet friends and keep eyes open for new ideas.

A few photos of the day . . .

these last 2 photos are of ROWENDEAN EMBROIDERY (from Wales if I’m not mistaken).

JARDIN PRIVé (where I bought a little something)

forgot to jot down the name of this creator but there were some lovely things on display

on the first floor of the halls, there was an exhibition on . . . an example of some gorgeous lace work

and the most gorgeous, colourful display of quilted squares. This was an international effort – apparently clubs from all over Europe had entered, and each country was given a colour and clubs had to work with that as their theme.

 views from the balcony over the show

That’s enough photos for one post – am going to make myself a coffee and then come back with photos of the goodies bought.