flowers, flowers everywhere ^^

There is nothing like a delivery from Interflora to make a lady feel ever so important and lady-like ^^  Well I’m feeling doubly so . . . last night I had a delivery from my sister for my birthday. A very early spring-time bouquet with daffodils, tulips and some gorgeous little orange & white briar roses 

Then this morning, the phone rang . . . it was the Interflora man, phoning to check if I was home . . . and another gorgeous bouquet arrived, this time from Sandra ^^  More colourful than the first (florist recognised my name from last night so made up a different selection). I’m not a great flower connoisseur, but I think there are peonies, mimosa, fuschias and roses. Lots of pinks, mauves, yellows . . . a beautiful array of colour.

So a big thank you to Jane and Sandra – my living room is ablaze with colour and it feels like Spring is  here ^^