Happy Birthday to me ^^

It’s February 8th – I’ve been receiving emails, and textos and phone calls with lots of best wishes for this new year that is beginning. My 47th and I wonder where the last ten years flew because I could swear it’s only my 37th lol.

I had treated myself to a Cybook Opus only last week (learned from experience last birthday that family members tend to forget so I have learned to spoil myself) so I was a happy bunny and anything I received today was an extra surprise ^^  I received some lovely cards

and also a few gifts to open too  (stitchy bits, “Flowers” perfume by Kenzo and a packet of CAT writing paper)

I think the best presents though have been my daughter getting 14/20 in her swimming evaluation this morning when she was sure she was going to flunk it miserably AND eldest son has a job interview this evening and left looking very smart !